High Five Wednesday 2/19

Hey hey hey,
My birthday was over the weekend and it was a lot of fun. I am still kind of recovering because it's late Monday and Charlotte was here all day with friends. We did a Hot Ones style party and stood around in a circle to answer questions while eating increasingly hot vegan wyngz. We learned who was a 9/11 truther, the children's movies that scarred us, and the biggest nemesis in our lives. I am going to start this High Five Friday with my 3 of my favorite sauces we tried.
  • High River Sauces - Cheeba Gold 25k scoville - Fruity and flavorful. It was not the hottest we tried but it does go well above the Taco bell scale of heat. It's a perfect match of sweet hotness that would be great on everything.
  • Da Bomb - Beyond Insanity - 135k scoville - This one was basically mace. Someone walked outside and ate snow. It was the worst of them all and the most painful. Complete hell. It would be fun to invite your friends over and then all take a teaspoon of it into your mouth. My nose was running, tears were streaming. This one was the closest to a religious experience. We had sauces that were rated much higher but they were nothing compared to Da Bomb.
  • Clark and Hopkins - Assam - 50k scoville - This one tasted like excellent Indian food. It was pretty damn hot but in a pleasurable way with zero pain. Incredibly pungent garam masala flavors. It could dress up some boring food .
  • Kirbys Dream Course - A surprisingly fun fantasy golf game. I did not play this one when it came out for Super Nintendo 25 years ago. It is now available on the Switch and it has taken up a lot of my time. It’s definitely made me a worse husband and father. I was actually so engrossed in it while walking that I slipped down the stairs. I just walked straight out like they weren’t even there. It has some fun animations and lots of challenging situations that are closer to mini-golf. The controls are simple enough compared to most fantasy golf games because there are no clubs, you’re just Kirby, and you’re trying to launch yourself into enemies and then eventually in the hole. Even without specialized ballas and clubs, you could spend a lot of time mastering this and I already have. The power-ups are fun and don’t always help your situation. Being able to rewind on the switch also makes it so those near misses can get a proper do-over, and over, and over, and then eventually accepting you aren’t good enough.
  • Metallica - Helping Hands - The album that started my obsession. Something about the darkness of the lyrics and the intense anger of the riffs just massages my soul right now. This feels a lot like the winter that the Battlestar Galactica reboot took over my life and soothed everything wrong. I am getting so much done and it's just because I am humming Metallica in my mind the moment I wake up. I love the old classics and I also like the later stuff and the way they grew up into grumpy old guys. The acoustic nature of this album adds a lot to the music in a way that I don't think the orchestra in S&M did.
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