Shocktober Vol 2 Digital Download Bigger and Better

Shocktober Vol 2 Digital Download Bigger and Better

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In Shocktober Vol 2 Hear Murder Bryan and Killer Chris from Not Even A Show go through all the muck and mire of the kings of drivetime radio.

You'll get 5 very long episodes dedicated to the loudmouths of yesteryear, 2 updates, and one very long wrap-up. Bryan did months of research and assembled an all-star group of podcasters and posters to discuss them. Special guest appearances by Manson from Bubba and Classic Shelb from Ron and Fez.

Jocks covered include

January 2020 Update w/ Felix

April 2020 Update w/ Felix

Howard Stern 2

Don Imus

Tom Leykis and Bubba


Mancow 2


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