Street Fight, District Sentinel, Trillbillies Live in Jacksonville 8/1

Street Fight, District Sentinel, Trillbillies Live in Jacksonville 8/1

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Street Fight Radio, The District Sentinel, and Trillbilly Workers Party have joined up for an adventure to the DSA convention in Atlanta, GA. We'll be having a blast and hanging with all y'all along the way as we spread our radical egalitarian mess across the Southern US. Starting with the capital!

Street Fight Radio is the #1 anarcho-comedy show on any station across the nation. We've been traveling barefoot across this flat earth and we got some stories to tell. We will also be listening to your small business tyrant nightmare scenarios.

District Sentinel Radio does watchdog and policy reporting for the left, without taking itself too seriously. Recording from the heart of the beast in our nation's capital, Pisstown, USA.

Trillbilly Workers Party started in 2017 in beautiful Whitesburg, Kentucky and covers the southern, Appalachian, and rural left in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Thursday August 1st

Door is 8 pm Show is at 9pm

Rain Dogs
1045 Park St
Jacksonville, FL 32204




One ticket is $20, this covers not only the cost of the venue but the entire crew to travel, eat and sleep along the way. We understand that a higher price is a hindrance for some of our listeners to get in the show. To alleviate this issue, we are offering the comrade discount system.

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